The Purpose of my work is to connect you to the source of your flexibility, power and strength - Nancy


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Studio Sessions

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Private and Semi Private Studio Sessions

Progressive strengthening of the many neglected stabilizing muscles between the hips and shoulders creates a strong, integrated core. Building stability from the inside out allows for changes in posture, improves muscle definition -especially in the torso- and fires powerful movement through the arms and legs. Experience muscle balance. Overworked muscles relax as underused ones become strong. This is the unique focus of the work, complimentary to - but very different from - traditional gym workouts.


Single Session $80 plus tax/HR — 6 Class Card/$445.50 + tax

Taught at Core Matters Pilates Maple Leaf Studio.


Fall Group Classes


Beginning Level - Group Mat Series
October 2019

This series of mat classes can be taken on their own, or added to a program of private or duo studio sessions to economically and progressively build balanced muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. The series format allows for mastery of the basic principals underlying all Pilates work.


Thursday Morning class at One Life Community Church

9:30am — $180 ( 10 Sessions )

Starts September 19th

Tuesday evening class at One Life Community Church

Hosted by North Seattle College
6:30pm — $129 ( 8 Sessions )

Starts October 1st


Intermediate Level - Group Mat Series
Fall 2019

To maximize the benefits of this Intermediate mat class, knowledge of Pilates' basic principles and a familiarity with the repertoire of Level 1 exercises is strongly recommended. We work with the body's energy, the mind's focus, and a down to earth, positive attitude. Intermediate exercises demand more strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination than Level 1 work.


Wednesday evening class at One Life Community Church

6:30pm — $129 ( 8 Sessions )

Starts October 2nd