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Meet Nancy

With an upbeat and accomplished teaching style, Nancy delivers client appropriate Pilates training to a diverse group of people.  Regardless of age, shape, or physical ability, they are united in their desire to optimize flexibility, strength, range of motion and increased vitality.

Nancy believes there are many profound methods that contribute to healthy body mechanics. She explores and draws inspiration to improve her work through anatomy and kinesiology classes, advanced teacher trainings, and working in conjunction with physical therapists.  The depth and breadth of Nancy’s instruction is further enhanced by Heller work, Feldenkrais, facial release techniques, Bosu balance work, Barre classes, meditation, and yoga.

Certified in 2005 through STOTT Pilates, Nancy has a special affinity for those motivated to recover range of motion and strength due to lasting pain, illness or surgery, having overcome chronic back pain and sciatica herself.     

Personally, renewal and joy is found through many types of movement, including samba dance, tennis, cross country skiing, and hiking above the treeline. Using Pilates as the springboard, she intends to continue an active, engaged lifestyle for a very long while.

“The purpose of my work is to connect you to the source of your body’s flexibility, strength and power.”


“Nancy has an intuitive grasp of the opportune times to direct attention to the body/ mind connection intrinsic to good performance. The imagery she evokes for envisioning body alignment is always spot on. Nancy’s participation in workshops enlarges her skills, and she clearly enjoys sharing new insights with us.”

 – M. K. Nowell

Working on Pilates with Nancy has transformed my life! From being stiff and weak and suffering from chronic pain, I now feel incredibly alive and vital. I cannot overstate how marvelous this is, or how great a coach she is.Nancy is very attuned to the individual’s needs and goals. She does a great job evaluating where your body is “stuck” and then tailoring a Pilates program that will lead you steadily to fitness and strength. – M.S.

“Nancy is one of the best and most committed instructors that I have ever worked with. I have taken the Pilates courses for the last 3 sessions and have been so thankful that these classes are offered through the hospital.Pilates is very challenging to me on a personal level and it has been an amazing strengthening course for me. I suffer from lower back pain and arthritis, but find that I am able to cope on a different level with this type of exercise.” – A.King RN SCCA

I am a Physical Therapist and Nancy has impressed me with her knowledge of the human body. She has a keen sense of progressing clients with physical issues, through rehab and advancing to higher levels of fitness. She is always open to working with client’s other practitioners.

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What exactly is Pilates?

  • Pilates is a wonderfully versatile and efficient whole-body conditioning method. It fuses slow, specific movement with restorative deep breathing to progressively build strength, flexibility, and ease within the body.

  • Special focus is paid to strengthening and stabilizing the areas of the abdominal muscles, lower back and pelvis, leading to improved posture and toned abdominals.

What results can I expect?

  • Enjoy elongated, toned muscles, enhanced flexibility and the reduction of stress.

  • Overworked muscles relax and underused muscles develop. Balanced muscles are important for good joint alignment and great posture.

  • Class participants report feeling a refreshed calmness at the end of a workout due to an emphasis on dynamic breathwork as they stretch and tone.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Just your smiling self!

  • Clothes with some stretch to them are recommended.

  • Water

Do I need to have muscle tone to begin?

  • You don’t need to be fit to get fit!

  • This is an exercise method that is beneficial no matter what your current fitness level, enhancing the bodies and movement patterns of men and women from their teens through their eighties.

  • I am focused on your safety, and provide modifications and a supportive atmosphere to make the class appropriate for beginning and intermediate members.

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